Wicker chair manufacturers share the difference between rattan furniture and natural rattan furniture

There are many types of vines, which are divided into natural vines and PE vines. Natural vines are a thorny palm climbing plant that grows in tropical forests. Although there are many varieties of natural vines, the place where they grow is concentrated in Indonesia, so it is also called natural Indonesian vine.

Advantages: Natural rattan furniture is popular because of its natural health, and it has a good health effect. The surface of natural rattan is delicate and smooth, and the touch is particularly good. Natural vines generally do not cause allergies, so they are especially suitable for children. Natural vines are always close to the body surface temperature, so they are cool and don't feel too cold. Natural vines absorb sweat easily and do not stick to the skin. Rugged, healthy, environmentally friendly, natural, comfortable and practical.

Disadvantages: Natural vine resources are limited, and the number of natural vines imported from abroad has been gradually reduced. The disadvantage of natural rattan furniture is that it is prone to cracking and deformation in the north, and the shortage of raw materials makes it rare. For example, the export of Indonesian vines has been restricted and the price will be higher and higher. And after a long time, it will be easy to age and mold. It is much easier to break when it is cleaned. Advantages of imitation vines: Compared with natural rattan, it has the advantages of smooth surface, good flexibility, durability, waterproof, sunscreen, mildewproof, anti-mite, hygienic and easy to clean. Imitation rattan furniture is relatively inexpensive, excellent wear resistance, good resistance

Low temperature impact, self-lubricating, non-toxic, water-resistant, chemical-resistant, heat resistance is better than general PE, disadvantages: external surface hardness, rigidity, expansion coefficient is too large. The above is the advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture compared to natural rattan furniture, which can be purchased according to their needs and budget.

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