Why should solid wood furniture be painted?

The first big benefit of solid wood furniture lacquering: protecting wood


The solid wood furniture has a high hardness, so it is easy to polish a smooth and moist feel, and it touches the jade. If it is directly exposed, it is easy to be scratched or worn, losing the texture of jade. Painting is equivalent to putting a layer of armor on the furniture.


“The beautiful wood is like jade, although it doesn’t hide, but it’s perfect, it’s worth seeing.”


Even the same wood, there are subtle chromatic aberrations, just like the little cockroaches on the jade, although not "fatal", but it has greatly reduced its artistry.


The second biggest benefit of lacquering is to put a piece of clothing on the furniture to make the furniture more perfect.

“The beautiful wood is beautiful, the water is gentle, and the texture is clear.”


The third major benefit is to prevent wood deformation


The water content has a great influence on the stability of the wood. Sealing the surface of the wood with paint can prevent the external moisture from infiltrating into the wood quickly, and can prevent the internal moisture from evaporating excessively, and let the internal and external exchange of wood be slow and gentle. Make sure the wood is not deformed.